He Just Needed Some Help

Jeb Simmons* wasn’t just having a dreadful day. A dreadful day would be something like running late for work and you miss your bus or spilling coffee all over your shirt just before you must give a big presentation. No, Jeb’s day was worse than that. It began with him waking up hoping to put the plan he had carefully thought out into action. He was going to kill himself. The reasons he had for killing himself were long past debatable. He had struggled with the darkness of his depression long enough and he was ready to be done with it. All of it. His first step was to wait for his foster parents to leave for work. He had already written out the note which detailed his reasons and all that was left to do was the hard part.

His foster parents had left for work earlier that morning, and Jeb was awake when he heard the front door shut and his stepfather giving the door a tug to make sure it was locked. He heard the engine start as he was getting out of bed, and as the car pulled out of the driveway, he was already filling the bathtub with water. Soon, he would get in the tub, cut his wrists, and wait for the sweet bliss of sleep. Jeb had just started to undress when, to his surprise, his foster mother knocked on the bathroom door. She had found the note in his room, called the police, and attempted to stop Jeb from carrying out his plan.

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