Slow Burn to Fascism

This is a great interview with the great Noam Chomsky. In it he describes how the Republican Party has resigned itself to “proto-fascism” with the help of Trump. He goes on to explain how that same Proto Fascist Republican Party are more than willing to destroy the last vestiges of democracy if it means they regain power.

From the interview: “The commitment to the most brutal form of neoliberalism is apparent in the legislative record, crucially the subordination of the party to private capital, the inverse of classic fascism. But the fascist symptoms are there, including extreme racism, violence, worship of the leader (sent by God, according to former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo), immersion in a world of “alternative facts” and a frenzy of irrationality. Also in other ways, such as the extraordinary efforts in Republican-run states to suppress teaching in schools that doesn’t conform to their white supremacist doctrines.” Exactly. He draws a coherent line between today’s GOP and the likes of Hitler and Mussolini: “What’s missing from “proto-fascism” is the ideology: state control of the social order, including the business classes, and party control of the state with the maximal leader in charge. That could change.

He continues, “German industry and finance at first thought they could use the Nazis as their instrument in beating down labor and the left while remaining in charge. They learned otherwise. The current split between the more traditional corporate leadership and the Trump-led party is suggestive of something similar, but only remotely. We are far from the conditions that led to Mussolini, Hitler, and their cohorts.” Agreed.

We are currently circling around the time where the Corporate world believes they can have the most control if they put the GOP in charge. But by overlooking history, they might soon realize that will be a mistake in the same way Business thought Hitler would be easily controlled for their benefit.